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Eco Grass artificial lawn can provide you with that natural looking fake grass lawn you desire. Low to no maintenance required, no mowing or watering, easy to keep clean and always looking bright and fresh.

Fake Grass Installation

Eco Grass fake grass recommends using a certified specialists to install your artificial grass. If you are installing the fake grass yourself, we provide a guide to install and achieve a quality finish. It is best to talk to us about your project before deciding on doing it yourself.

Care Tips

Synthetic grass requires little to no maintenance, but, we still recommend some care tips for different circumstances, ensuring you will never regret your decision to install an artificial grass surface. If you have any questions, please contact us.


We’ve tried our best to answer the most common questions relating to fake grass, but like with many things, it’s a specialised field, so if we haven’t answered your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Leading Supplier of Artificial Grass in Melbourne

Eco Grass brings you a complete range of high-quality and realistic looking artificial grass in Melbourne to ensure that your lawn is green all year round. Durable and versatile, our range makes a stylish and practical addition to precisely suit the needs of your home or commercial space. Look no further for artificial grass suppliers in Melbourne. We have years of experience and have built an outstanding reputation for the exceptional quality of our artificial grass. Get in touch with us to know more.

Artificial Turf in Melbourne

At Eco Grass, we are home to a luscious range of artificial grass, created to enrich your space with a natural appeal. The artificial turf that we supply comply with the highest standards of quality and will look great for years to come. Our artificial turf is the ideal option if you are looking for a low-maintenance garden. Our solution gives you a mud-free and neat garden throughout the year.

Top Artificial Turf Suppliers

We are experienced and have a thorough understanding of the needs of your outdoor space. We offer only quality artificial turf that effortlessly blends with your outdoor space and looks like natural grass. We understand that the needs of every space are different and bring you a huge range of artificial grass products to suit your exact needs. All our artificial turf is created from high-grade materials and known for its vibrant appearance. Eco Grass brings artificial turf that requires minimal upkeep which is ideal for a multitude of environments.

Our surfacing artificial turf products are competitively priced, and we take pride in our unrivalled service and quality of products. If you are looking for realistic looking artificial grass, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a professional to install Eco Grass?

In certain applications it is possible to install artificial grass yourself; it cuts down on cost by installing the turf yourself but in this case you are also responsible for the quality of the installation.

The difficulty of the installation of artificial grass depends on the location and size of the surface. The first step is to prepare the supporting surface. The surface must be flat, stable and permeable to water.

It is often extremely easy to install artificial grass on a balcony because it is a small surface area and the grass can be cut from a single piece. Also, it has a flat surface onto which the artificial grass can be simply rolled out. In this case, you can easily have the artificial grass delivered to your home and do the installation yourself. All you need is a sharp utility knife.

Installing artificial turf yourself in your garden is slightly more complicated because the surface area can easily be very large. This means that seams will be required. Making seams is often tricky. It needs to be done carefully or the seams will show. Whether or not you can do this yourself depends on your skills.

If it is a larger installation you need to make seams; there is specialised glue and jointing tape required. To install yourself you will need to follow certain guidelines which vary depending upon the surface you are covering and planned use.

Can Eco-Grass be used alongside a swimming pool?


As long as the Eco Grass artificial grass is used without rubber infill as the rubber granules may end up in the pool.

Does artificial Eco-Grass fade?

Artificial grass does slightly fade over time but it’s hardly noticeable. As long as the artificial turf has been treated with ultraviolet chemical stabilizers during production, the synthetic turf will last much longer and fading will be significantly less. All Eco Grass artificial grass products are UV stabilized and tested to stand up to the harsh Australian climate.

Does Eco Grass artificial grass come with a warranty?

Eco Grass artificial grass has a seven-year warranty and should last double the warranty period under normal wear and tear and with regular maintenance. The reason we provide a seven-year warranty is because that is the period our yarn suppliers warrant the product.

Eco Grass warrants the customer that under normal conditions, the products will sustain their UV sustainability and tensile strength during the applications warranty period. For purposes of warranty, a product whose original tensile strength does not decrease by more than 50% will be judged to have sustained it UV stability and tensile strength. Eco Grass will repair or replace at our total discretion necessary to repair any defect, the product which is determined by Eco Grass not complying with the above warranty.

This warranty shall only provide coverage to products used for the purpose of a sport field or courts or landscape purposes, and not any other purpose, including through inadequate sub bases being used, and through improper usage of the product by the customer.

Eco Grass provides no warranty (i) if the product is used for purposes other than the intended use and/or (ii) for damage caused during or as a result of improper processing, installation or repairs, and/or (iii) for defects occurring due to insufficient maintenance, and/or (iv) insofar as any defect or damage is caused by:


  • fire, tears, accidents, vandalism, improper use, carelessness or negligence;
  • incorrect design or functioning of the sub-base of the field;
  • wear due to an inadequate sub-base;
  • use of infill sand that is unsuitable for artificial grass;
  • use of glue that is unsuitable for artificial grass;
  • the failure to keep the infill sand at the right level (if applicable);
  • use of the artificial grass surface for purposes other than for which it has been
  • designed and installed;
  • use of cleaning agents, herbicides and insecticides;
  • use of incorrect cleaning methods;
  • exposure of the product to surfaces, directly or indirectly through reflection, with a
  • temperature exceeding 75° Celsius / 170° Fahrenheit.
  • force majeure and other situations on which the Company cannot reasonably have
  • any influence;
  • the failure to correctly maintain, protect or repair the product;
  • shading: these are fake spots or visual effects, due to a different pile direction;
  • flattening: daily use may cause the artificial grass surface to flatten. The
  • higher the pile, the more likely this will happen, especially where the grass is
  • used intensively.The customer may not transfer, convey or otherwise assign all or any of its rights under this warranty without Eco Grass’s written consent.

    ​Claims under this Warranty must be tendered in writing to us within 7 days after discovery of the alleged defect along with confirmation details of purchase.

How to measure the area for your artificial grass?

Eco Grass artificial grass rolls come in 3.75 meter widths and up to 30 meters in length (112.5sqm total). The width does not vary but we can cut the length to size. Always allow 300mm extra for each measurement to ensure movement at either end. To estimate the amount of infill required – work on 5 to 15kg of silica sand for every square metre of artificial grass.

Eco Grass artificial grass joining tape is required wherever the artificial grass joins up to another piece of artificial grass. It comes in rolls of 10 meters long x 150mm wide. Simply add up the lineal meters of where your joins are.

If you get to design your own area, it is most cost effective to keep the measurements as close to 3.75m as possible. Example: 3.75m, 7.5m, 11.25m. This means you will reduce the amount of wastage.

Curves and unusual shapes will require more joins and more wastage which you will need to factor in when working out your measurements.

Is artificial grass pet friendly?


Eco Grass artificial grass is resistant to staining and it’s simply a matter of picking up and flushing any mess with water.

What is artificial grass made from?

Artificial grass is made from extruded polypropylene, polyethylene, or nylon PVC (plastic) fiber.

What is underneath artificial grass?

When artificial grass is laid correctly, there should be a layer of compacted crushed rock to ensure the surface is flat, even, and allows for drainage. A layer of washed silica sand should be distributed on the surface to hold the artificial grass down.

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