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Benefits of Eco Grass:

  • No more mowing
  • No more watering
  • No more muddy patches
  • No more weeds
  • No fertilizing or pesticides
  • High UV resistance
  • always green
  • Ideal for pets
  • Child safe
  • Hard-wearing & long-lasting
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Save water and time
  • Looks great in all seasons
  • Helps hay fever sufferers

Sample Request

Synthetic Lawn, beautiful Artificial Grass

With Eco Grass you can have a beautiful looking lawn all year round, and it's maintenance-free.

Imagine looking out over a manicured green lawn every day that doesn't require any mowing or watering regardless of the weather?

Eco Grass is a synthetic lawn alternative to natural grass, it offers you a perfectly well maintained, no maintenance lawn without the need for watering, mowing or fertilizer. Less maintenance results in savings you money and time.

The realistic appearance of Eco Grass is just the beginning, it is safe for children, animals and pets, at the same time increasing property values.

Is it right for me?

If you love grass but don't want the hassle of maintaining it, then Eco Grass is perfect for you.

Gravel and paving may be practical, but only Eco Grass can give you a mantanace free surface with the softness, bounce and looks like real grass. Eco Grass is safe for the kids and pets to play on. You can sit on it, sunbake on it and enjoy its lush good looks in all weathers. Ecograss will stay beautiful 365 days a year.

Eco Grass is ideal for gardens of all shapes and sizes, large or small Ecograss will stay green, gorgeous and maintenance-free for many years.

Eco Grass is fully porous and drains like real grass. It's flexible and follows the contours of your garden like real grass. But, unlike real grass, it keeps its vibrant colour right through the wet weather and the long, hot, dry spells we get here in Australia.

With Eco Grass there's no watering or fertilizer required so it's good for the environment. No wonder everyone loves Eco Grass.

Multi-purpose Fake Grass

Eco Grass can be used in residential and commercial applications, the possibilities are endless.

Eco Grass has been installed into a wide range of applications such as Homes, around pools, rooftop gardens, balcony's, restaurants, bars, cafes and sporting venues.

With the cost of maintaining a lawn continuing to rise, an increasing number of people are looking for economical alternative solutions, Eco Grass has been their answer.

Eco Grass can easily be fitted into any space, regardless of shape or size. All Eco Grass Is made from a High-quality synthetic turf fibre and is backed by a 7-year manufacturer's limited warranty, to ensure peace of mind.

The Eco Grass spring-set fibres are made from a UV-protected polyethylene and/or polypropylene material.


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