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A Low maintenance alternative to grass

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Eco Grass can provide you with that natural looking lawn you desire. Low to no maintenance required, no mowing or watering, easy to keep clean and always looking bright and fresh.


Eco Grass recommends using a certified specialists to install your artificial turf. If you are installing the grass yourself, we provide a guide to install and achieve a quality finish. It is best to talk to us about your project before deciding on doing it yourself.

Care Tips

Artificial turf requires little to no maintenance, but, we still recommend some care tips for different circumstances, ensuring you will never regret your decision to install an artificial grass surface. If you have any questions, please contact us.


We’ve tried our best to answer the most common questions relating to synthetic turf, but like with many things, it’s a specialised field, so if we haven’t answered your questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

How we can help

Need Help

Our team of knowledgeable staff can answer the questions that aren’t answered in this website. Drop us a line in the contact us page.


Find Your Turf

We have an artificial turf to suit a majority of applications.

Recycled Material

Our product is both recyclable and made from some recycled materials, we’re trying our best to help our environment.

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