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Fake Grass Vs Natural Grass

Fake grass, also known as synthetic turf, is the latest alternative to traditional grass, rapidly growing in popularity across Australia due to its number of advantages over natural lawns. Not only is it convenient, but it can save you money on maintenance and water bills, it always looks brilliant, and it is safe for the whole family.


The largest advantage of installing fake grass is the reduction in maintenance. Unlike natural grass which requires hours of upkeep every week, synthetic grass only requires a brush every now and then to ensure it looks its best. Our range can withstand the relentless dry Australian summers as well as heavy downpours in winter with very little maintenance. Eco Grass products are fade resistant, and great for high traffic areas so no matter the weather your lawns will always look their best. If you want your garden to work with your busy schedule or simply want to spend more time on the weekends doing the things you want to do, you should consider our range of artificial grass products



We have developed our artificial turf to replicate traditional turf so it looks as similar as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between the two kinds when they are both in optimal condition. The best thing about the appearance of fake grass is that it always looks magnificent, no matter the season. Our fade resistant and stain resistant products always maintain the same colour, height and texture throughout their lifespan – without mowing or watering! Fake grass also eliminates puddling, bare spots and is drought resistant so it will always look beautiful.If you would like to see how the artificial version works in your own backyard, you can order your free sample here.


Although traditional grass is 100% natural, artificial grass has been proven to provide advantages for the environment as well. A 40 square metre traditional lawn can use over 200,000 litres of water annually in order to maintain an attractive backyard. Synthetic lawns don’t require any watering other than a light hose to keep the dust and debris away meaning you will drastically reduce your water consumption, doing your part for the environment. Our entire range of products are also partly made from recyclable materials, and you can take comfort knowing you will reduce your maintenance machinery emissions and methane emissions when you choose synthetic.


Modern artificial turf uses advanced technologies to ensure it is even safer than natural grass. Our artificial grass is allergen free, lead free, heavy metal free and made from completely non-toxic materials, making it perfectly safe for children and pets. You can also rest assured that there won’t be any nasty bugs lurking beneath the surface, and there is no need for harsh fertilizers or weed killers like there can be with traditional grass.


Natural grass can be more flexible in terms of upfront costs if you want to plant your own seeds, or you can purchase more expensive turf to lay. The initial outlay for Installing artificial lawn can be more expensive than traditional turf or grass seeds, however, your return on investment over the following years far outweighs the upfront costs. Artificial grass facilitates a maintenance free backyard, meaning you save a bundle on ongoing maintenance costs including mowing, weeding, feeding, re-seeding and watering. The artificial lawn will pay for itself within a couple of years and the savings will continue to grow. You can also save on upfront costs choosing to do a DIY lawn installation. We supply easy-to-read DIY Installation guides here.


Traditional grass and fake grass are both suitable for almost any Australian backyard, and both have different advantages, so you have to decide what is most important to your family. If you would like to hear more about the benefits of installing artificial grass, call one of our highly regarded experts today on (03) 5972 1100 or contact us here to arrange a visit to our Melbourne Showroom.


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